Open Source Data Logging Software:


  • Download the latest Zigplot software (see link below)
  • Download the latest version of Processing (visit, Zigplot is a processing sketch)
  • Plug in hardware (Windows users wait for it to install drivers)


  • Run the Processing sketch
  • Pick destination to store data or click the cancel button to use software without saving
  • Click on each channel button to enable and disable channels
  • Adjust the resolution/speed
  • Adjust the individual gain of each channel (1 is the full +/- 5V range)
  • Hit stop when you are done to save all your data

Zigplot Alpha Release 0.3 (processing sketch) - 8.24.2015


  • Resolution/Speed slider now works
  • Added zoom to the time scale
  • Graphical improvements
  • Detects Sigzig more reliably

Known Bugs: No known bugs yet, although you might find some.

Zigplot Data Logging Software, v0.3a

Zigplot Data Logging Software, v0.3a


Zigplot Alpha Release 0.2 (processing sketch) - 8.21.2015

Lots of updates.

Zigplot Alpha Release 0.1 (processing sketch) - 8.15.2015

First alpha release to the world.  Yes, we know there are bugs and will be updating frequently. 

  • Resolution/Speed Adjustment (has been working but not in this release)
  • Occasionally doesn't detect the Sigzig hardware (just restart the software)
  • Zooming with scroll wheel is finicky

Professional Data Logging Software

Coming soon.