Open Source Software is Amazing! Our First Data Logging Software:

We just uploaded to our website our earliest attempts at creating an open source version of our full featured SiGZiG software that is used to interact with and collect data from our data loggers. This version will be limited to The Zig-4 hardware for now but may be adapted for more hardware in the future.

We decided to take advantage of the Processing IDE and libraries to make this simple program and want to give a big thank you to all the hard work that is being done at It is only because of the ease of use of processing that a simple program written by our engineer for logging during testing could come to rival our closed source (and expensive to make) version.

It is not without bugs and glitches right now but we will be updating it frequently and will do some major fixes when our programmer gets back from vacation.

We are also still working on some visual tweaks but it is coming along as you can see below: