Cases are close. Software is sleeker (well, getting there).

Almost finalized our case design before the kickstarter launch.  Small changes, but we are detail freaks over here.  The case on the left is our latest version.  Slightly deeper black, bevel around the logo, and took care of some screw thread issues. 

Data logger cases keep coming

Software is moving along - getting sleeker and smoother but still has a ways to go.  The end result will look very similar to this.  By our next post, we hope to have some video to share with everyone of the Sigzig working full-time with our beta software..

Data Logger Beta Software

As develop cases, software, and high performing analog electronics we are always looking for good resources.  One of these is They recently listed SiGZiG on their website as a "site-of-the-day".  Check out the forum and site!