Using @99designs to make our data logging software look nice and fancy.

Our original software was built specifically to test and evaluate advanced chemical sensors.  It works great for our R&D but is limited to Windows, has a slow refresh rate, and is best for internal use. 

With the development of the SiGZiG, our modern usb data logger, it became apparent that we must create a software package that is silky smooth and works across all desktop operating systems.

For the past 3 months, software has been built up with a focus on functionality.  Here is the prototype:

Data logger dev software

This obviously isn't we used @99designs and received multiple design ideas for the user interface.  Here is the concept that we liked and we are heading in this direction:

USB Data Logger Software Concept Sigzig

Additional changes have been made since this concept.  We are currently on version 0.8 of our software and are looking to have version 1.0 by the end of April working full speed on our SiGZiG prototypes.  When we launch our crowd sourcing campaign you'll be able to see all the action.