Good Question! Data Logging Outputs, Inputs, and Open Source

Hello World.  We are just getting going here and are already receiving good questions.  We will periodically post some of your questions here.

Very interesting product you have here. I'm interested in the open nature of the hardware and wonder if there is an SDK or API available to perhaps run the device without USB or perhaps an alternate serial UART.

Any info on the pinouts of the device(s)?
Any outputs available on the device?
Can the inputs be configured for discrete digital inputs?
Any other power input options besides the USB connector?
Is the device running firmware which may be modified or updated?

Again, lots of questions might just have to wait for the official release! Thanks

The data logger hardware is not open but we will have open hardware add-on boards and we are going to have open source examples of computer software to interface with the device. That way people can make their own GUI or format the data into a more usable format (i.e. if you are measuring color, it shows the color not just 3 plots for RGB, things like that).  

As far as pin out, there are no digital inputs or outputs on these first two versions but later models will include digital communication to sensors or options to toggle a digital pin based on an event in the analog data.  As far as power, again, only USB for these versions but later versions will include battery power and wireless communication.  The firmware is not user modifiable.  

No problem with asking questions.  Thank you for your interest.